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 Offical BBS-PK Rules of Pking.

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PostSubject: Offical BBS-PK Rules of Pking.   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:54 am

Pking as we all know isn't as active as it should be in BBS-PK.
This made Rakvald take a step to repair that, he made pking at revs legal.
2 Days later, he made farcasting legal and deleted all the rules EXCEPT LURING.

Luring can be in 3 branches.

1. Temptation : A good example is yelling out - OMG REV MINIGAME GIVES AWSOME REWARDS TRY IT! and you are waiting for them at the final level to pk them, if this happens, you will be BANNED/ IP BANNED.

2. Teaming for a BS : This is fairly straight forward, you ask someone to team up with you, then you take them into deep wilderness where your friends are waiting, or just you, and Backstab them.

3. Monster Lure : Simply, you ask someone to come with you, you take them to a strong monster which kills them, and you collect their items.

Other rules have been removed by Rakvald as stated by Private Bob4 in his topic at the pking category which contains a quote of Rakvald saying all the other rules are deleted except luring.




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PostSubject: Re: Offical BBS-PK Rules of Pking.   Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:19 pm

There is a new rule. Premium members may only pk with 1 premium item at a time.


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Offical BBS-PK Rules of Pking.
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