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 Skilling Guide

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PostSubject: Skilling Guide   Skilling Guide Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 6:19 am

Hey everyone, this is my 2nd guide.

I've been getting alot of comments and questions on how i skilled on my account -Disaster.
I achieved rank 1, beating several level 120's and more.
Here are a few guidelines on every skill.

1)Go to ::home.
2)Talk to the pirate woman next to vannaka, she teleports you to the agility course.
3)Go to the2nd obstacle, the net, don't ues the log, climb the net, then climb the branch.
4)Teleport back to home and repeat, the net and branch give you 5k exp while the others give you 120 only.

1)Go to the skills area, Camelot teleport in the magebook icon.
2)Type ::herbguide and use the formulas starting from the top.
3)Bank the potions and run back to the shop keeper.(George Laximester)
4)DO NOT make defence potions, they produce nulls, whne you can make strength potions do those to 99.

1)Go to ::home, run south west.
2)Go to the General store and thief there until you reach level 80.
3)Thief the gem stall until 99.

1)Go to the skills area, Camelot teleport in the magebook icon.
2)Bring some money, then talk to Dommik.
3)Do saphires into magic amulets until level 40.
4)Craft emeralds into defence amulets until level 60.
5)Craft rubies into strength amulets until level 70.
6)Craft Diamonds into power amulets until level 75.
7)Craft Dragonstones into glory amulets to 99.

1)In the skills area, talk to Thessalia.
2)Buy a knife and normal logs, use the knife with the logs to make shortbows until level 20.
NOTE: Drop your cash and knife then do ::empty and buy another stock.
3)Make oak bows until level 35.
4)Make willows bows until level 50.
5)Make Maple bows until you reach level 60.
6)Make yew bows until you get level 70.
7)Finally make magic bows until level 99.

1)Go to the skills area and buy rune essence from Thessalia.
2)Go to the bank north of the furnace, near the farming patch.
3)Withdraw the essence, then quickly click on the air altar.
4)Again quickly withdraw more essence, DO NOT BANK THE RUNES IT WASTES TIME, just withdraw more essence.
5)Repeat until you reach level 99.

1)Buy a rune pickaxe from Thessalia in the skills area.
2)Bank all your inventory, now mine rune essence at the clay rock.
3)Click once, then the ore will mine by itself, when your inventory is full type ::empty.
4)Click again and repeat.
NOTE: Make sure your inventory is empty before you start, ::empty will remove even your cash if it was with you.

1)In the skills area, bring some money and buy 1-2 inventorys of tin and copper ores.
2)Make bronze bars until level 20.
3)Make iron bars to level 60.
4)Make mithril ores until you reach level 85(or 90, im not sure which one).
5)Finally make rune bars until level 99.

1)Go to the fishing shop in the skills are, next to the ores.
2)Buy a lobster cage, fish lobsters in the "cage lobster" fishing spot and fish lobsters until level 60.
NOTE: Level 1-60 is pretty long and boring, but once you reach 60, it starts to speed up.
3)Buy a fishing rod use it until you get level 70 or 99.
4)If you choose level 70, then fish monkfish with a net(I recommend getting 99, but this method works too).

1)Talk to Thessalia and buy shrimps.
2)Run to the range and use them with the range.
3)Do shrimps until level 20.
4)Do anchovies until level 40.
5)Do lobsters until level 65(Maybe its 62, i did it at level 65 though).

1)Buy a tinderbox and normal logs from Thessalia at the skills area.
2)Light them IN THE SAME SPOT, you don't have to move like the real runescape.
3)Do normal logs until level 15.
4)Now do oaks until level 30.
5)Do willows until you reach 45/50(one of them).
6)Light maples until level 60.
7)Now yews until 75/80(Again im unsure).
8)Finally, magic logs all the way to 99.

1)Buy a hatchet from Thessalia, either bronze or dragon.
2)Cut normal logs and make sure you have no other items in your inventory, when its full type ::empty.
3)Do normal logs until level 30.
4)From there on, willows until level 60.
5)Next is yews, do them until you reach level 75.
6)Finally its all magic logs from here to 99.

1)Go to Franklin Carlos at skills, and buy 5 irits, a full inventory of lantadyme/dwarf weed, but lots of toadflax.
2)start with the irit seeds, you need about 5 of those only until level 20 farming.
3)Next do lantadyme seeds or dwarf weed seeds until you reach level 35.
4)Now do snapdragon seeds up to level 60.
5)From here on, its all toadflax, you will need about 1.7k-2k of these to reach level 99.

Here is a complete guide for each skill, step by step.
As i always say, if you have any questions do't hesitate to Pm me here, or ingame, my accounts are Disaster and Apocalypse, but im usually on Disaster.

Sorry if its long again, Thanks for reading.

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Skilling Guide
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